Cornered by Bosley Crowther

Cornered by Bosley Crowther

25 décembre 1945. En ce jour de Noël, le passant cinéphile a besoin de se détendre. les repas de famille ne lui réussissent pas. Direction Le Palace pour se délécter devant Cornered d’Edward Dmytryck avec l’excellent Dick Powell.

Critique d’époque :

« The consuming passion of a former RCAF pilot to avenge the death of his patriotic French bride by tracking down her betrayer, an escaped Vichy collaborationist, has been used to fire a tough-fibered chase melodrama by RKO Radio in Cornered. The picture, which opened yesterday at the Palace, provides Dick Powell with another role similar to his Detective Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet, and Mr. Powell plays it with a watch-me-Bogart attitude, speaking his lines in clipped and bitter tones. In short, Mr. Powell is good. If his reasoning is somewhat off center, it may be that a person laboring under a murder psychosis would act just the way he does.

Cornered is a drama of smoldering vengeance and political scheming which builds purposefully and with graduating tension to a violent climax, a committing of murder that is as thrilling and brutal as any you are likely to encounter in a month of movie-going. The story, which wanders through England, France and Switzerland, eventually centers in Buenos Aires, where apparently all Europe’s escaped Fascists are quietly plotting a return to power. Although the narrative is a bit too obviously contrived. Edward Dmytryk, the director, has squeezed every ounce of suspense and excitement out of the material at hand.

All of the players are in there pitching with great zest, and Walter Slezak is especially noteworthy as the ruthless and unscrupulous gent around whose flabby bulk most of the intrigue is spun. Micheline Cheirel brings a wistful charm to the role of the mysterious lady who poses as the supposedly deceased collaborationist’s wife, and lesser roles are well done by Morris Carnovsky, Jack LaRue and Luther Adler. Cornered may not be perfect, but it still is a satisfying entertainment« . Par Bosley Crowther pour le New York Times.

Pour Bosley Crowther, Cornered n’est pas exempt de défauts mais se révèle suffisamment efficace pour se montrer divertissant. Et c’est tout ce qu’on lui demande.


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