Scandal Sheet par Bosley Crowther

Scandal Sheet par Bosley Crowther

17 janvier 1952. Le Passant Cinéphile est heureux. Aujourd’hui en congés, il va voir au Columbia Theater, Scandal Sheet, le nouveau film de Phil Karlson qui a fait fulminer ce bon vieux Bosley dans les colonnes du New York Times. Un vrai bonheur.

Critique d’époque :

« The ruthlessness of tabloid journalism, as seen through the coolly searching eyes of Hollywood scriptwriters (who naturally shudder with shock at such a thing), is given another demonstration in Columbia’s Scandal Sheet, a run-of-the-press melodrama which came to the Paramount yesterday. But apart from a bit of tough discussion of the public’s avid taste for thrills and chills and a few dubious hints at tabloid techniques, there is nothing very shocking in this film.

The only character of any excitement in this hackneyed and lifeless display of a murderous editor’s come-uppance is a briefly seen Bowery bum who withers the guilt-loaded editor with a scavenger’s look in one scene. Only for a moment do we see him, holding behind his rheumy eyes the secret of damaging knowledge, but that’s the one haunting moment in the film. The character is played by Jay Adler, Luther’s brother – which gives you an idea of the general level of the writing and the acting possibilities in this film.

For the rest Broderick Crawford does the old stuff of scowling and howling viciously as the hardboiled editor who has murdered his wife and then waits grimly while his well-trained scandal-chaser closes in; John Derek gives a likely imitation of a high-school-paper cub in the latter role, and Donna Reed watches on with dull disfavor as a Vassar girl who has stumbled into a tabloid job. As a former Pulitzer Prize winner, now gone to drink and seed, Henry O’Neill has to spout such flowery language as would put all schools of journalism to shame.

The moral of all this dismal nonsense, we would gather, is meant to be that corruption breeds corruption. The moral is okay. Enough said« . Par Bosley Crowther pour le New York Times.

On ne s’attaque pas impunément à la presse, n’est-ce pas monsieur Crowley. Dénoncer les travers de la profession est difficilement acceptable pour quelqu’un du métier. Pour notre critique, tout est mauvais. Et, lui qui habituellement défend le classicisme s’épanche sur le fait que Scandal Sheet ne va pas assez loin. Un comble ! Aucune ligne non plus sur le roman The Dark Page de Samuel Fuller. Ah oui ! C’est vrai. Lui aussi a été journaliste…

Si mon avis sur Scandal Sheet, c’est par ici.

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  1. John DeCourcy from the group Classic Film Noir Theater : « Hard-ass editor sends reporter to look for lonely hearts killer. Crawford sweats it out. DeCamp plays it well. Good one ».

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