Slightly Scarlet par Bosley Crowther

Slightly Scarlet par Bosley Crowther

17 mars 1956. Slightly Scarlet est sur les écrans du Criterion Theater de New York. Le Passant Cinéphile est intéressé. C’est aussi l’occasion pour le critique Bosley Crowther de dégainer sa plume et défourailler à tout va !

Critique d’époque originale :

« Two red-headed women and one fat-headed man are the principal characters in Slightly Scarlet, which came to the Criterion yesterday. The women, played by Rhonda Fleming and a laughably kittenish Arlene Dahl, are a couple of on-the-make sisters, and the fellow, played by John Payne, is an on-the-make big-time gangster. In the end all their faces are red. So, we say, should be the faces of the people responsible for this film, which is said to have been taken from a novel (unrecognizable) of James M. Cain. For it is an exhausting lot of twaddle about crime and city politics, an honest mayor, his secretary-mistress, her kleptomaniacal sister and the fellow who wants to get control of the gang. Benedict Bogeaus produced it, Robert Blees wrote the script and Allan Dwan directed. They get three Technicolored black marks ». Bosley Crowther pour le New York Times.

Rhonda Fleming rassure Arlene Dahl assise sur un canapé

Bosley Crowther serait-il le Pauline Kael des années 40 ? Le sieur Crowther n’a pas aimé et il le crie haut et fort. Tout le monde en prend pour son grade, du réalisateur aux acteurs. Pourtant, si Deux Rouquines dans la Bagarre (Slightly Scarlet) ne révolutionne pas le genre, le film est suffisamment divertissant pour que le spectateur passe un bon moment.

Ma critique est disponible directement ici.


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One thought on “Slightly Scarlet par Bosley Crowther

  1. Jim Patterson from the group All Films Noir : « I have not read a Bosley Crowther review in a while and expected a good run down from him starting with Rhonda Fleming picking up Arlend Dahl from the women’s prison. If Crowther had much of anything to say, i missed it.
    The better review, a hyperlink, was obviously translated from the french, but getting past the literal translation is probably worth the time.
    I thought that Rhonda Fleming, who i first saw in a film of over ten years earlier(Out of the Past), looked better here and her acting was passable.
    John Payne was good as usual. Arlene Dahl was present.
    Ok, Rhonda Fleming was voluptous in a zaftig sort of way, excuse the subtitles they were a literal translation from another language and sometimes that does not work out ».

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