The Chase par Bosley Crowther

The Chase par Bosley Crowther

18 novembre 1946. Un jour de plus sous la neige pour le Passant Cinéphile. Un jour de plus à hanter les salles du Globe. Et quoi de mieux que The Chase dont une partie de l’intrigue se déroule sous le soleil de La Havane. D’autant plus que Bosley Crowther n’a pas aimé. Et ça, c’est l’argument béton pour tenter le coup.

Critique d’époque :

« Granting the theory, maintained in certain quarters, about moviegoers being ‘teen-aged mentally, it is doubtful whether even the more mature will easily thread through the maze of The Chase. For this strange and often engrossing melodrama, which came to the Globe on Saturday, besides being almost strangled by its complex plot limps to an irritatingly obvious denouement.

Its gallery of gangsters ruthlessly pursuing a psychoneurotic war veteran and the frightened wife of the racket chief, is the stuff of thrilling film fare. But the predilection of the director, producer and scenarist for the unusual in mood, background music and characterization makes this chase more confusing than suspenseful.The confusion is due largely to their studied effort to interpret visually the working of a war-shocked mind, that of Robert Cummings. The audience is unaware of his condition when the veteran gets a job as a chauffeur with a Miami racket boss. The latter, it turns out, is a sadist who has been keeping his wife a prisoner.

Chauffeur and captive mistress flee to Havana, where the lady is mysteriously stabbed and killed. Terror follows upon terror as Cummings, the suspect, escapes from the police until he, too, is shot and killed. All the foregoing horrors, however, are only a nightmare of Cummings’ ailing brain. But he manages really to flee with the lady through somewhat parallel situations.

Amid this welter of dreams, however, are some solid and entertaining portrayals. Count as best among these that of Steve Cochran, who has been seen in « The Kid from Brooklyn » and « Wonder Man. » Mr. Cochran, who plays the sadistic gang chief, is a dark, handsome, suave and brooding ruffian, who is not averse to clipping either his wife or manicurist on the jaw. Peter Lorre is excellent as his sardonic sidekick. Michele Morgan, who plays the distraught wife, has little to do except appear plaintive. Robert Cummings as the harried hero with an « anxiety neurosis, » turns in a restrained and convincing performance. The Chase, however, is neither restrained nor convincing ». Bosley Crowther pour le New York Times.

Michèle Morgan face à l'océan

D’après Bosley Crowther tout ceci est trop compliqué, pas assez réaliste. Le spectateur risque d’être perdu entre réalité et cauchemar. L’interprétation est bonne même si Michèle Morgan ne fait pas grand-chose. Ouch ! Notre critique n’a vraiment pas aimé !

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5 réflexions sur « The Chase par Bosley Crowther »

  1. David Kloth from the group Classic Film Noir Lovers : « The only thing on which I’ve ever agreed with Bosley Crowther is our negative opinions of Joan Crawford. Other than that, he’s never been right about anything. »

  2. Alan Beck from the group Noir Films Pre-Noir to Classic :
    I’m going to be honest with you. I liked it.
    – You LIKED it?
    I did. I liked it. Noir liminality is constant throughout, as is Bob Cummings’s retrousse nose.
    Hebrides here. Ye’ve got tae be hornest aboot thase thungs. Hinded, not ‘haunted’.

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