Woman on the Run by Bosley Crowther

Woman on the Run by Bosley Crowther

30 novembre 1950. Woman on the Run, film noir sans prétention, fait de l’œil au passant cinéphile. D’autant plus que, pour une fois, Bosley Crowther ne le descend pas en flamme. Direction donc le Criterion.

Critique d’époque :

« Since it never pretends to be more than it is, Woman on the Run, which began a stand at the Criterion yesterday, is melodrama of solid if not spectacular proportions. Working on what obviously was a modest budget, its independent producers may not have achieved a superior chase in this yarn about the search by the police and the fugitive’s wife for a missing witness to a gangland killing. But as a combination of sincere characterizations, plausible dialogue, suspense and the added documentary attribute of a scenic tour through San Francisco, Woman on the Run may be set several notches above the usual cops-and-corpses contributions from the Coast.

Credit, of course, should go to Norman Foster, who not only directed but was the co-author of the script with Alan Campbell. Except for a few lapses toward the climaxwhen some of his effects tend toward the flamboyant, Mr. Foster’s stints are tight and direct. And, his cast, presumably following orders, avoided the banal.What seemingly is a routine hunt becomes a dual development when the wife of the hunted, unwilling at first to assist the police because her marriage has foundered, begins to learn that her artist-husband is a victim of heart disease and is not disenchanted after all. Her effort to avoid tenacious detectives to find her man thus points the story at a double goal. That the killer, a smooth newspaper man who seemingly is aiding her, is made known halfway through the proceedings, hardly dissipates the yarn’s tautness. Call this a tribute to the workmanlike script, and the players.

Among these list first Ann Sheridan, who, in shedding glamor for the role of Eleanor Johnson, makes the wife a truly confused, distraught and terrified figure. As the reporter-killer, Dennis O’Keefe fills his own characterization of himself – « a little obnoxious but pleasant » – to perfection. Robert Keith is believable as the hard working and harried detective and Ross Elliott does well in the small assignment of the unfortunate witness who was « in the wrong place at the wrong time. » Woman on the Run will not win prizes but it does make crime enjoyable ». Par Bosley Crowther pour le New York Times.

Bosley Crowther a aimé ce que Norman Foster a fait de ce Woman on the Run avec si peu de moyen. Il loue également l’interprétation des différents acteurs. Pour lui, Woman on the Run ne remportera pas de prix mais remplit son contrat qui est de divertir son public.


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4 réflexions sur « Woman on the Run by Bosley Crowther »

  1. Kirk Shaudys from the group The World of Noir : « Will wonders never cease? Hard not to like Ann Sheridan and the film is good noir ».

  2. Luana Conley from the group All Films Noir : « So much is packed into this story, with many fascinating characters along the way, and locations that have their own tale to tell ».

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